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LD Products launch video

July 9, 2019

The Channel Partner Division of LD Products launched a video revealing more detail around the recent Buyers Lab (BLI) independent testing on new build GOLD Line cartridges from LD Products.

In April 2019, the Channel Partner Division of LD Products announced that they received official Buyers Lab (BLI) Test Results on two very popular laser printer series used in MPS environments. These tests revealed that the HP OEM scored 4.17 and GOLD Line 3.93 out of a possible 5.

At the time, LD Products said that the company believes the new BLI Report will provide dealers with further education and validation on the compelling need to rethink their toner strategy.

“Due to high levels of dealer interest, we have created a video which features further details around the Buyers Lab (BLI) product testing process, product evaluations, text samples as well as average image quality score comparisons. This video provides the visual story and behind the scenes look at the process and results.” said Christian Pepper, President of the LD Products Channel Partner Division.

 “We were thrilled to announce these positive test results in April on two popular laser printer series used in MPS environments. This testing was an industry first and now has provided us with the data results of how our cartridges performed against OEM in a head to head test by a leading 3rd party testing organization”.

In 2018, LD Products achieved the industry’s lowest return rate of 0.1 percent and in Q1 2019, released a new dealer testimonial page with rave reviews from many of the nation’s most prominent dealers. 

To watch the new video, click here.

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