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LD Products improves online shopping experience

February 9, 2015

LD ProductsUS printing and office supplies retailer partners with Edgecase to improve product merchandising and overall customer experience.

The partnership between LD Products and Edgecase, which helps companies to create better shopping experiences, sees LD Products launch Edgecase’s Adaptive Experience Platform to help its customers to find the right products for their specific needs.

While LD Products previously relied on the standard merchandising data available from its manufacturers, which “often became repetitive, leading to long lists of values that weren’t consumer-friendly”, with the help of Edgecase, the company has had its existing filters simplified, with the Content Strategy and Curation team also identifying how LD Products could best represent its products in ways consumers “naturally think about them”.

The team created new “shopper-friendly” filters using manufacturer data and insights gained from shopping in physical office supplies stores; for example by translating media weight measurements for paper into “more shopper-friendly attributes” such as ‘Lightweight’, ‘Midweight’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Heavyweight’. In addition, the team created an easy way to shop by usage, including ‘On the Go’, ‘Organisation’, ‘Presentation’, ‘Home’, ‘School’ and ‘Office’.

Both customers and LD Products itself will benefit from the changes, with Edgecase’s Adaptive Navigation allowing shoppers to better understand the merchandising vocabulary created so they can “more easily express their preferences and needs”, and the Decision Analytics providing LD Products with the merchandising intelligence needed to ensure ongoing optimisation, more effective filters and increased sales.

Aaron Leon, CEO of LD Products, said: “With our expanding assortment and product lines, it’s critical that we are able to merchandise and promote each product to the right customers. In Edgecase, we found a partner to help augment and optimise the merchandising for our growing product catalogue in a way that was both accurate to the merchants and useful to our customers.”

Garrett Eastham, Edgecase’s co-founder and CEO, added: “We’re incredibly proud to be working with a brand that’s as dedicated to their customers as LD Products. “The Edegcase solution is going to give LD Products’ customers the unique discovery experiences they deserve while empowering the LD Products team with the growing knowledge of how and why their shoppers buy.”

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