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LD Products aiming for “green building” recognition

June 1, 2012

The remanufacturer is aiming to get its Douglas Park facility awarded LEED Platinum status, the “highest ranking in environmental design”.

The company’s facility in California houses its corporate offices, warehouse and retail store, and has been marketed to the US Green Building Council to achieve the new status. Founder Aaron Leon has “been giving increasingly frequent presentations” about the business’s expansion at the facility, with the hope that the council will award the company with the environmental design award.

LD Products stated that the 110,000 square foot facility is one “of the most ‘green’ buildings” in California, with attempts to use 42 percent less potable water and 47 percent less energy, as well as inviting “executives, investors and neighbouring businesses” to view the building as a marker for what other businesses can achieve. LD Products offers these businesses tours and staff answer questions “about the many aspects of the state-of-the-art construction”.

The aim of both the company and the building’s constructors is that the “excitement surrounding” the environmental building will “attract more businesses to the newly developed Long Beach site” at which it is based.

Chris Ferrer, LD Products’ Warehouse Manager, stated: “We knew from the beginning that we save our customers a lot of money when we recycle materials to make low-cost, high-quality products. So it made a lot of sense to apply that principle of environmental conservation to the building as well.”

The company revealed in January this year that 2011 was its “strongest year yet” in terms of sales, with a 95.6 percent revenue percentage growth from 2008 to 2010.

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