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Laura Heywood speaks on forthcoming IEEE 1680.2 standard

September 20, 2012

Kleen Strike Director has spoken on her role in securing the new industry standard that will require cartridge manufacturers to produce cartridge that can be re-used.

Laura Heywood, Director of Rochdale-based Kleen Strike, has spoken on the development of the approaching EPEAT IEEE 1680.2 industry standard, as successfully lobbied by industry associations UKCRA, ETIRA and I-ITC, and what it means to the industry.

The forthcoming EPEAT standard will ensure that printer cartridge manufacturers produce toner and inkjet cartridges that can not only be recycled, but will also have the capacity to be reused in print devices without adversely affecting a manufacturer’s warranty.

Heywood spoke with Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale, commenting: “We’re focusing on providing pure, green printer consumable products that are designed to save our customers money.

“The investment and development work Kleen Strike has completed over the past few years has enabled us to operate more efficiently and will hopefully allow our customers to do the same by using our greener products.

“If a company like ours can make an environmental difference and put procedures in place to achieve this, anyone can. You just have to take that first step.”

Chris Caldwell, Groundwork Environmental Business Advisor, added: “It is encouraging to see a local business that is successful at combining smart business practices with environmental ingenuity, setting an excellent example for their industry.

“Laura is the force behind this success, driving her business forward and becoming an excellent role model for others.”

The standard is expected to come into force following approval in October, and will be adopted by 42 countries. Speaking in June, ETIRA Secretary General Vincent van Dijk commented: “This is a major benefit for the European environment, and will drive sales of remanufactured consumables for years to come.”

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    Congratulations to everyone involved in it!
    Great result!

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