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Latest Static Control seminar takes place in Latvia

June 17, 2014

ETIRA spoke on clones at the latest seminar in Riga.ETIRARlogosmall

The largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components hosted its most recent industry seminar in its free programme, which took place in Riga, Latvia on 13 June, following other recent European seminars.

ETIRA’s Secretary General Vincent van Dijk spoke again on patent-infringing new-build cartridges, as well as “outlin[ing] the dangers involved when firms sell clones” and introducing ETIRA “to an audience that does not yet know about us” in order to hopefully gather new members for the association.

The association added that the seminars it has attended, including those in Paris, Bucharest and Athens, have been “useful information sessions for learning about the latest Static Control products and techniques” as well as “industry developments”. ETIRA also stated that “when and where possible” it will “attend and present its views to raise awareness and educate remanufacturers and the sales channel about clones”.

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