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Latest edition of The Recycler available now!

June 20, 2017

Find out all the latest industry innovations, news and top tips.

The 295th edition of The Recycler has just been released and is available to read via our website. In this edition, you will find an exclusive full-length report on the possible impacts Brexit may have on various sectors of the re-manufacturing industry, a timely and very pressing topic which is likely to be occupying the minds of many businesses across the globe.

On a more positive note, in this issue, we will also be marking the 25th anniversary of Indian Toners and Developments, an impressive achievement undeniably worthy of celebration, as well as giving you the ins and outs of the HP Inc – Samsung acquisition deal and other exciting industry acquisitions and developments.

On page 19, we have an informative guest editorial from Embatex Iberia’s Javier Martinez, exploring the European Commission’s studies of printers and their business model and discussing the EC’s investigation of car and trucking industry cartels.

As usual in The Recycler, you will also find plenty of global news and updates as well as specialised articles about technological methods and innovations such as an analysis of home 3D printing, and how to have effective negotiations with your various business vendors.

Last but certainly not least, the newest edition of our magazine unveils the latest product releases such as the new Canon toner from Katun, Apex’s new chips, the launch of the refurbished HP Inc cartridge, and the latest range of products from Indian Toners.

All editions can be viewed on our Digital Edition page.

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