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Last day dawns for Paperworld ME 2018

March 1, 2018

Today is the final day of this year’s edition of Paperworld Middle East, giving attendees a last opportunity to peruse the diverse range of products on display, network, and gain fresh insights from the day’s seminars.

The 8th incarnation of Paperworld Middle East, being held in the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, has reached its third and final day of proceedings. Attracting thousands of visitors and over 300 exhibitors from 40 countries, this year’s show has debuted a packed seminar schedule and introduced new features such as the Green Room, showcasing a range of eco-friendly innovations.

As the show prepares to draw to a close 6pm today, attendees will have been able to browse the wide variety of products on offer, which include at toys and games in the Playworld Village section of the show, corporate gifts, creative materials, office and school supplies, and the finished leather goods to be found in Hall 4.

They will also have been able to make the most of the last day of seminars, which includes a wide-ranging talk on the office print market by David Connett, industry veteran and partner at Connett & Unland GbR.

In his talk, Connett will examine the Middle Eastern market, key OEMs and aftermarket figures, the synergy between faster Internet and market expansion, and more.

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