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Laser Pros launches educational series

July 24, 2018

 The company’s new service, Laser Pros Educational Series, offers “quick and easy to follow” training videos to help viewers understand and repair their printers.

The short videos allow viewers to get to grips with repairing their machine “from the convenience of your mobile device or laptop.” The videos break up the process of repairing a printer, giving viewers the opportunity to “find the fix you need without the hassle of having to skim through an entire video to find what you are looking for.”

The first three videos in the series are now online, and are presented by Ebben Joslin, Laser Pros International’s HP-Accredited Platform Specialist, who wlaks viewers through step-by-step. The three videos concern replacing the fuser, transfer kit, and ADF kit respectively, all in an HP M575 printer.

“The Laser Pros Educational Series is geared to help field technicians and end users resolve their technical issues quickly and easily at their own convenience,” said the company.

You can watch the first three videos for yourself, here.


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