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Kyocera USA profiles dealer partners

April 4, 2019

The OEM has taken to LinkedIn to highlight its ‘Dealer of the Day’.

The first partner to receive the privilege from Kyocera is CTWP, which is celebrating four decades in business in 2019.

Described by the OEM as a Premier Kyocera dealership, CTWP is said to be “the largest independently-owned copier corporation in Texas,” and boasts offices in Waco, Temple, San Antonio, San Angelo, and Bryan.

CTWP adheres to the “Customers for Life” philosophy, encouraging itself to place the needs of each client “at the forefront of every encounter, from initial consultation, to solution customisation, to the guaranteed promptness of their service calls.”

Since its establishment, CTWP has grown from a workforce of just four employees to one of a hundred, and has received dealer awards from all of the major companies that it has represented, including Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Canon, and Lexmark.

“In today’s rapidly-changing business and technological environment, CTWP emphasises the sound principles of building longstanding, reciprocal relationships,” CTWP itself declared.

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