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Kyocera rolls out cluster printing

August 9, 2018

KYOCERA Document Solutions UK has launched its new Cluster Printing software to help organisations increase capacity, efficiency and productivity without the need to invest in additional devices.

KYOCERA Cluster Printing (KCP) is a print distribution solution which improves print throughput efficiency for high-volume printing. It utilises an organisation’s existing equipment by intelligently splitting jobs between devices, dramatically cutting the time to print high volumes.

For organisations that occasionally need faster printing, it offers a fast and flexible printing solution without the need to make a large investment in new high-speed devices. It enables organisations to make the most out of the devices they already have while improving their printing speed and capacity.

KCP distributes the large print job between up to four printing devices, effectively accelerating the output speed, increasing printing efficiency and decreasing the wait time for large print jobs. KCP is also easy to use and includes error handling, meaning users can reprint and cancel jobs as well as redirect them to other devices.

Joe Doyle, Group Marketing Director at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK commented: “Every now and again an organisation will experience spikes in activity, where they need a high volume of print. This solution solves the age-old problem that users regularly experience: how do we stop the queueing up of print jobs and people waiting to use the printer without just buying new, faster devices?

“With KCP, you can prevent these hold ups at busy times and effectively increase your print capacity without a large investment. For channel partners, KCP is perfect for customers who need to speed up their print environment but don’t have the budget to invest in new machines.”

KYOCERA Cluster Printing Solution is available now.

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