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KYOCERA launches remote monitoring system

November 14, 2017

The OEM’s new Fleet Services system allows its partners to gain complete remote management of their fleet of MFPs.

Fleet Services, “a powerful monitoring system”, is hosted in the cloud and “enables users to quickly and easily view the status of all devices, identify and respond to issues and undertake key maintenance tasks”.

It replaces KYOCERA’s current Fleet Management service and monitors various aspects of devices, among them “error reporting, meter readings, toner warnings and replacement.”

For the first time, it will also include “remote maintenance of KYOCERA devices”, not only providing key information but also allowing partners “to control the device panel in real time”. In addition, Fleet Services “allows partners to remotely install and configure applications, restart the device and remotely troubleshoot key maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades and setting adjustments.”

KYOCERA’s Fleet Manager service was created in response to an IDC estimate that “between 35-55% of IT help desk calls are print related”, meaning that “simple print queries can take up a significant amount of an IT team’s day.”

Fleet Manager aims to solve this problem so engineers can spend their time “on the tasks that matter.”

James Chantler, Product Marketing Manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd, said, “Carrying out essential monitoring and maintenance on a fleet of hundreds of devices can be time-consuming and costly. For organisations such as a university, where devices can be spread across several different campuses, something as simple as restarting every device can take days or even weeks of an engineer’s time.

“KYOCERA Fleet Services reduces that time down to a couple of hours, totally annihilating travel time and the need for feet on the ground for many tasks. It’s a complete solution for remote maintenance, allowing you to significantly reduce device downtime and – most importantly – control your management costs.”



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