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Kyocera fights counterfeiting

June 16, 2016

The OEM shares more about its anti-counterfeiting programme.kyocera_logo_3039-200x51

Kyoocera is fighting to keep fake cartridges out of circulation after seizing “fraudulent goods” worth over €5 million ($5,636,997) this April, the start of the financial year, and its worrying because the figure for last year in total was €10 million ($11,273,995).

The company makes it clear that although “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, fraud is not, and it has a devastating impact on “innocent people”. The counterfeit products are usually hazardous, “environmentally unfriendly” and trick customers out of using quality products that is associated with the brand name. Sellers also lose out as sales are reduced and income is lower, which could also put jobs at risk. The company said that there are also “links between counterfeit goods and organised crime”.

The ICCE website has information on how to spot fakes, but Kyocera adds that genuine cartridges have “specially created holograms” and “traceable serial numbers and/or QR codes”. Fake copies can look real until you spot the low quality, but “refilled and re-boxed” cartridges are more difficult to identify, the report noted.

The OEM advises customers to “only buy from an approved Kyocera […] partner” and to be aware if the labelling does not have the company name on the box.

Jonathon Robbins, Consumable and Spares Sales Manager of Kyocera, said: “It’s time to take the fight to the criminals, and stand up for resellers and businesses who are being duped into buying sub-standard products, often in good faith, by increasingly organised criminals.”



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