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Kyocera faces the challenge of blocking counterfeiters

May 19, 2016


The OEM is concerned for its customers unknowingly buying counterfeit products.

The company announced that they will promote an educational scheme for their customers and partners, on the risks “incurred buying counterfeit goods”. Since April the company has “seized fraudulent goods worth in excess of $5 million” (€4.4 million) and in the previous year it was in excess of $10 million, (€8.9 million).

“Counterfeit imaging supplies are often dangerous, environmentally unfriendly and cheat consumers of the quality they are entitled to expect from branded consumables,” said Jonathon Robbins consumables and spares sales manager of Kyocera Document Solutions UK. “It’s time to take the fight to the criminals, and stand up for resellers and businesses who are being duped into buying sub-standard products, often in good faith, by increasingly organised criminals.”

Using the wrong toner and ink cartridges could cause streaky grey backgrounds, uneven print quality and drop off, and more seriously there is the risk of printer damage. Using counterfeit products invalidates any guarantee the customer may have which would be costly should it break down. Counterfeit products damage print quality and reduce the output of the machine.

Robbins continued: “We’re asking businesses to only buy from an approved Kyocera consumables partner or run the risk of supporting organised crime and trafficking gangs. Counterfeit products are increasingly hard to spot, so we would recommend resellers and customers are suspicious of consumables that do not have Kyocera labelling or an unrealistically low price. If in doubt, our team is available to answer any questions or verify suspect products.”

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