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Kyocera announces new application

August 25, 2017

Kyocera Document Solutions America introduced ‘Kyocera Net Manager’ which the company says oversees print devices and user policies across an entire organisation creating a “more efficient workflow”.

Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc announced the introduction of ‘Kyocera Net Manager’ (KNM). KNM is a server-based, web-accessed solution that allows Administrators and IT Professionals to manage and track print volume of each user and each device by department or branch, from one centralised location.

KNM provides control over four key management functions, from end user tracking and auditing, to monitoring and assessing an entire fleet, all from a single administrator interface. KNM allows secure print, user management, job tracking and accounting, report creation, and more.

KNM provides full visibility of all attributes on a single screen, allowing for accessibility to all functions and numerous reports. An Administrator can analyse any user session and determine MFP and printer colour usage. With a customisable interface, users can find shortcuts to their most frequently used functions.

“We believe that corporations, want to control costs and have a secure printing environment. KYOCERA Net Manager provides just that, by having the ability to manage all output from a highly intuitive administrative console, with multi-levels of authentication. The Print&Follow™ feature, which enables secure print release from any MFP, allows for peace of mind.” said Doug Cole, Director, Product Marketing, Corporate Marketing Division for KYOCERA Document Solutions America.

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