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Kyocera adds Filestar to its portfolio

January 18, 2018

(Credit: Advanced Document Solutions)

KYOCERA Document Solutions has added Filestar to its portfolio, an easy-to-use searchable document management system, to help organisations meet the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

The web-based system can either be hosted in the cloud or on premise within the organisation’s own IT infrastructure. It allows the retrieval of files in seconds as users can quickly and easily locate documents.

Launched in 2008, UK-based Filestar has established itself as one of the leading document management systems, storing all document types from hard copy scans to videos and images.

Uniquely for KYOCERA customers, the system is also complemented by an app, powered by HyPAS, which sits on an organisation’s multi-function printer (MFP) and allows users to quickly scan documents straight into the correct location on the Filestar system.

As the GDPR approaches, Filestar can help organisations to meet stringent new rules around an individual’s right to be forgotten. Using the system, users can quickly search for that person’s name and delete all documents containing their personal information. In addition, the solution offers user access security and multi-layered file permissions, meaning data is secure from loss, damage and alteration. As the system also includes full version history, it preserves an audit trail needed by many organisations for compliance purposes.

Eddie Ginja, Head of Innovation at KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd said, “Document management can sometimes feel like a headache. With many organisations storing documents in a variety of places, it can be really difficult to do something as simple as locate a file.

“Whether your organisation manages lots of paper or electronic documents, or uses a mixture of the two, Filestar not only makes the journey to combining those files simple, but it also simplifies your data management. By not only searching for the type of document you want but also searching the content held within the file, it helps you to find what you need in seconds, saving you time and resource.”



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