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Konica Minolta signs exclusive partnership

September 17, 2019

The OEM has announced an exclusive platinum partnership with Snap Print & Design, one of the largest printing franchise groups in Australia.

The partnership is set to provide approximately 147 stores across Australia access to high quality print services, and support for business growth. Snap Print & Design approached Konica Minolta with the intent of forging an agreement to provide its franchise businesses with enhanced printing technology and services.

Sue Threlfo, General Manager, Production and Industrial Print, Konica Minolta, said: “Snap Print & Design’s decision to partner with Konica Minolta is a testament to our technology, services and strengths, and we’re delighted to enter this platinum partnership. This partnership will ensure that Konica Minolta’s print and business services are highly accessible to Snap franchisees, with an emphasis on helping them enhance customer experiences, and growth.

“Knowing that Konica Minolta has been endorsed by Snap Print & Design’s head office offers franchisees significant peace of mind when it comes to finding and choosing digital print solutions and business support, and knowing that due diligence has been done, particularly in the current volatile franchise business market. It’s important Snap franchisees are aware of the opportunities and services available to them from Konica Minolta.”

Ian Tagliabue, Procurement Manager, Snap Print & Design, said: “Through this partnership Snap Print & Design will be able to connect its franchisees with the right Konica Minolta equipment and technology. During the last year inline finishing capability made up the majority of printer sales to the network. With speed to market being a major focus with our franchisees, Konica Minolta has been able to develop packages to fit individual stores and their customers.”

The partnership will see Konica Minolta working directly with Snap Print & Design franchisees to provide printing technology, education, and support for critical business growth.

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