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Konica Minolta scoops serviceability prize

September 6, 2018

Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI) has announced that Konica Minolta Business Solutions GmbH is the winner of the BLI PaceSetter award for Outstanding Serviceability 2018–2019.

Based on research conducted in the Western European market, this award recognises the OEM that has the best-designed tools, programs, and training to enhance the serviceability of their devices.

To determine which OEMs lead the market, analysts at Keypoint Intelligence conducted an in-depth study on Serviceability. Key areas of evaluation included company vision, in-field support, environmental considerations, tools and training provided to service technicians, and device design. Keypoint Intelligence also considered primary research from Western European dealers regarding service programs provided by OEMs.

“To keep pace with today’s 24/7 business world, companies cannot afford to have MFPs down for long,” said Randy Dazo, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Technology & Services Group. “Inefficient service or support can translate to dollars lost, which is why that is becoming a key differentiator in the industry. Companies are looking for vendors who can handle any issues that arise, or even better: prevent these issues from occurring at all.”

Konica Minolta has implemented a strategy called Shift Left. This strategy seeks to avoid downtime by either enabling end users to handle device issues or using remote technology to correct any problems. Customers are supported via iTraining videos, or the ability to work directly with a technician via remote technology. This is even further enhanced with the debut of Konica Minolta Smart Glasses, which allow technicians to use Augmented Reality to guide on-site engineers or key operators through service manoeuvres. Konica Minolta also attempts to avoid emergency service calls by using predictive analytics to help plan practice procedures.

Konica Minolta’s ERP system can be accessed from mobile devices to prioritise service visits, view customer and machine information (including SLAs), assess car and local inventories, reorder or exchange parts with colleagues, and more. These innovative program aspects, combined with training programs offered both online and in-person, support for third party tools, and extensive documentation, help Konica Minolta to be a leader in this space.



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