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Konica Minolta products awarded gold rating

October 31, 2016

The OEM’s products were given the rating by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) for the environmental


performance of their electronics.

The company met the strict criteria, which “address the full product lifecycle” that includes energy preservation, and reduces the use of toxic materials, ensuring the longevity of the products and recycling policy. The OEM said that “it is the only company of its kind” to achieve this from the world’s “foremost environmental accreditation body for electrical products”.

EPEAT is managed by the Green Electronics Council and “tracks more than 4,400 products from more than 60 manufacturers across 43 countries”. The standard is “a free source”, which makes it easy to “select high-performance electronics that support organisations’ IT and sustainability goals”.

Bill Christoforou, Product Marketing Manager for Konica Minolta, said that the “level of accreditation is rare, particularly in the Australian market. We have received Gold Status on the majority of our range, including our A3 multifunction devices. The fact that we are the only printer manufacturer in the country to attain Gold Status is something we are very proud of, as being environmentally conscious underpins everything we do”.


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