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Konica Minolta MD visits Dhaka

July 11, 2018

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia has made an official visit to the Bangladeshi capital.

Osafumi Kawamura made the journey to meet with the management and senior officials of the OEM’s local distributor, Zeeshan International Agencies Ltd., reports The Daily Star.

Kawamura, who was appointed to his position in January of this year, becomes only the second Konica Minolta chief to make an official visit to Zeeshan.

“Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing markets for the global industrial printing market and I look forward to meeting our Bangladeshi counterparts to discuss our business plans in the South Asian market,” he said. “With over 7,000 printing houses, there are a lot of opportunities for the country to set up world-class printing houses.”


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