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Konica Minolta launches bizhub SECURE Alert

February 14, 2020

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. continues to garner attention for its industry-leading bizhub SECURE Alert solution.

According to recent research by Keypoint Intelligence, a top business priority among IT decision makers for the next three years is to improve data and document security. As the first in the industry to provide essential document security for its MFPs, Konica Minolta has already earned recognition and reports heightened interest in its offering launched in September 2019.

“With the increasing concern about information security threats and data breaches, our bizhub SECURE alert service adds another level of protection against network and physical access risk,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence Services and Product Planning. “The value and functionality provides levels of service no other provider can offer.”

bizhub SECURE Alert provides critical data and document security by notifying organisations when a security breach has occurred at their MFP due to unauthorised usage. It also provides a detailed and keyword-searchable archive (audit trail) of all MFP activities.

When organisations are unaware a data or document breach has occurred, they are potentially left legally and financially liable for documents that are printed, copied, scanned, emailed and faxed. These data breaches at the MFP likely also expose an organisation’s important trade secrets and intellectual property information as well as customer, patient, student, and employee data and personally identifiable information (PII).

“bizhub SECURE Alert solves the problem of organisations not knowing who used the MFP for what and when,” said Chris Bilello, Director, Business Solutions and Market Development, Konica Minolta. “As data breach incidents become more common, we are experiencing a rise in interest in the product from concerned companies wanting to get ahead of potential security issues.”

bizhub SECURE Alert was recently named a Platinum Award winner for “Best MFP Protection Solutions” by American Security Today at its 2019 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards.

bizhub SECURE Alert, powered by DocRecord by Prism Software, is an application that automatically processes Konica Minolta MFP activity records. It provides essential security for industries such as healthcare, government, financial, insurance, defense, education and corporations.

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