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Konica Minolta, Clavister in security collaboration

April 12, 2018

Clavister, a provider of Managed Security Service solutions, has been named as one of the partners of Konica Minolta Sweden’s Year of IT Security.

The OEM will soon be unveiling its Remote Care platform to its customers, a managed IT and security platform offering varying levels of protection and management, and Clavister will be “a critical component” of it, according to IT Business Net.

Features of the platform include an app and monitoring service for MFP applications, as well as more robust security tools and Antivirus. Konica Minolta’s experience and knowledge of IT management and security will also be brought to customers, and Clavister’s virtual firewall product will form the cybersecurity solution’s foundation.

Anders Arbin, the OEM’s Product Marketing Manager of IT Services, said: “Bringing awareness to IT Security to our customers, and how fundamental it is to business continuity, is our primary aim of the Year of IT Security. We have the confidence in Clavister’s excellent technology to be major aspect of the offering we’re putting to our MSP customers.”

“Konica Minolta is one of our critical partners in the Nordics and I couldn’t be happier that we’re supporting them in this solution packaging and campaign,” announced Clavister’s Director of Sales for the Nordics, Jan Nahlbom. “IT Security is so important, it’s really our passion and the reason we build our technology and Konica, through its MSP customers, is using that technology to make their customer community safer.”


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