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Konica Minolta aims to expand by 30 percent in Indian market in 2014

March 5, 2014

Indian governmentThe OEM is targeting the SOHO segment and aims to substantially increase its revenue in India.

Business Standard (here and here) reported on Konica Minolta’s aims to expand its business in India to around Rs 300 crore ($48.5 million/€35.3 million) in 2014, a growth of 30 percent on its previous revenue of Rs 228 crore ($36.8 million/€26.8 million). This is further expected to increase to Rs 500 crore ($80.8 million/€58.9 million) in the next two to three years, company officials added.

The OEM stated that it is importing printers from China and spare parts from Japan at the moment, as there are “no plans as such to set up a facility in India at present”, but it is looking at a “China plus one strategy” for its manufacturing – a venture similar to other Japanese firms, who have situated facilities in China in the past.

Konica Minolta sold around 20,000 units last year in India, whilst in comparison it sold 1.4 million devices in China, and according to Managing Director Tadahiko Sumitani, once the sales volume in India touches 40,000 units, “then the plan of a production base here might gain traction”.

Sumitani added: “Currently fully built machines are imported from China and spares from Japan. The plans of having a plant in India have not been finalised at our headquarters. We posted revenue of Rs 228 crore last year and the year ending this month we are expecting Rs 300 crore revenue.”

Kuldeep Malhotra, Executive General Manager of Sales for the OEM, added: “In the future printers with single function-print alone will be confined to small towns, where as in bigger cities multi-function machines will have the future. Printers with print-scan-copy functions have been selling more than those having the added feature of faxing facility.”

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