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Konica Minolta acquires in Spain

June 12, 2019

The company announced the acquisition of Eines Systems, a Spain-based company, which it says will enhance growth in auto visual inspection for the automotive industry.

Konica Minolta, Inc. announced that it has acquired the Spain-based Eines Systems S.L., a company working in the automated visual inspection market. Based on its light and colour measurement technologies, Konica Minolta has been enhancing initiatives in the sensing business for the growing ICT and automotive industries, by providing various products and solutions with additional value proposition. The acquisition of Eines Systems will further drive Konica Minolta’s efforts in building on its visual inspection business for the automotive industry, the company said.

Konica Minolta’s said its aim with the acquisition is that its sensing business offers various products and solutions in the fields of light source colour measurement and object colour measurement based on the optical technologies developed in its former camera business and continually refined thereafter.

The products and solutions offered by Konica Minolta contribute to improving quality and productivity at customers’ manufacturing sites. As the company has been expanding the business base in its core-competent ICT industry, consisting of products such as LCD displays and OLED screens, it has been driving, as part of its growth strategy, promotion of the development of technologies and products to meet automation needs in the automotive sector.

Currently various processes of visual inspection in the automotive industry largely depend on human eyes, facing challenges such as quality improvement, more stable results and labour saving. Addressing those challenges, Eines Systems has developed automotive painting visual inspection systems in recent years, which have been utilised by European customers. The company is planning further implementation of the systems in regions beyond Europe.

The company explained: “Aligning its efforts in expanding automated inspection market for the automotive sector, Konica Minolta will fully utilise the strengths with its global customer base in the colour and light measurement fields and global networks and take advantage of synergy opportunities from Eines Systems and Konica Minolta’s own optical and imaging technologies. Welcoming Eines Systems, the Konica Minolta Group will accelerate launch of the visual inspection businesses for the automotive industry.”

The transaction was closed on 31 May 2019.

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