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Konica Minolta acquires Groupe Numerial

November 10, 2017

The OEM’s French subsidiary continues its trajectory towards IT services.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions France has acquired the integration and information management development specialists Groupe Numerial; as a result, Groupe Numerial have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the OEM’s French division.

Started in 2009, Groupe Numerial’s founders have been working in the document management industry since the turn of the century. The acquisition allows the French subsidiary of Konica Minolta to take full advantage of Groupe Numerial’s abilities and competencies to develop its own Managed Content Services offering, by improving its services and pre-sales support capacities. It will also now have the wealth of Groupe Numerial’s expertise in the integration of mid- to high-end content management solutions.

“Supported by Groupe Numerial’s know-how, we will be able to develop an extremely competent and qualified sales force to better address our clients’ needs for Managed Content Services,” said Jean-Claude Cornillet, Konica Minolta France’s President. “We will also be able to enhance our offering of high-end solutions and thus present our customers with a holistic approach for their constantly changing document management environment.”

The move will also allow Groupe Numerial to leverage its sales force and operational resources with the backing of an international player, which it hopes will enable them to grow further in the Managed Content Services sector.

Ruggero Pizzo, Managing Director of Groupe Numerial, said: “The commercial partnership that we previously initialised with Konica Minolta has quickly proven to be added value for our clients. Together, we were able to build on this successful relationship to develop a real strategic vision around Managed Content Services. The quality of our relationship and the investments already made by Konica Minolta in terms of digital transformation were decisive factors in our decision to join an enterprise that shares the same values and ambition as we do. We firmly believe this will bring a big competitive advantage for our current and future clients.”

This acquisition is the latest step of the OEM’s French subsidiary’s evolution from business-printing activities to offering IT services, reflecting the European ambitions of the Konica Minolta Group as a whole. Over the last four years, Konica Minolta France has acquired Serians, and developed partnerships with major IT companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Sage, and HPE.

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