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Kodak’s Kettering site important for company’s recovery

May 14, 2012

Operations at the Ohio site to help the struggling OEM to recover from recent bankruptcy.

The Dayton Daily News reports that, according to newspaper Rochester Chronicle and Democrat, Kodak’s future could lie in the success of its commercial inkjet printing operations based at the Miami Valley Research Park in Kettering, Ohio.

With Kodak purportedly aiming to “emerge from bankruptcy and thrive as a smaller, more focused company” after announcing its bankruptcy earlier this year, the company is looking to focus its business on printing technology and has recently signed an agreement with Japanese printer manufacturer Ryobi Ltd to collaborate in the creation of a sheetfed printing press using Kodak’s S5 Imprinting Systems technology.

According to the article, Kodak creates its own digital inkjet web press “which prints on a giant roll of paper, as well as digital printheads that can be attached to traditional web presses”.

The printing press will be the first to use Kodak’s digital inkjet technology and will, according to Kodak’s website, “enable customers to print high-quality sheetfed jobs that include variable or versioned information in a single step […] eliminating both [firstly] the costly use of laser printers to add variable information and [secondly] the one to two days of job set time prior to laser printing.”

Despite the company’s Kettering site being the focus of its inkjet operations and potentially the key to its financial recovery, Kodak announced in February that it had laid-off 68 of its 570 employees, with the intention of making 80 employees in the company’s commercial inkjet operations arm redundant in the aftermath of its financial difficulties.

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