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Kodak Moments launches photo-printing platform

October 25, 2017

Kodak Moments released a new premium photo-printing platform which includes an e-commerce-enabled website.

This new platform has been designed to “help people effortlessly discover, curate and print the moments that matter the most to them”, and features an “e-commerce-enabled website, expanded functionality on the Kodak Moments app, a newly curated range of premium photo products and an improved experience on thousands of Kodak Moments kiosks nationwide.”

The platform was designed to rectify the belief “that authentic moments are harder to identify in culture today” and is a response to studies that suggest that “current culture is losing the ability to memorialise the most important, authentic memories.”

“Kodak Moments has always stood for and celebrated the real, authentic moments in life. They are the memories that we hold closest, the ones that tell a story or remind us of an experience,” said Nicki Zongrone, President, Kodak Moments Division. “We have developed a full consumer offering that builds on our successful retail photo-printing business, designed to give consumers choice about where and how they print and encapsulate their memories simply and quickly.”

The platform’s features include two industry firsts: Made For You™ in the Kodak Moments app, which “searches images buried in mobile device camera rolls to identify the most meaningful photos” and Moments Assistant™, a Facebook messenger bot that enables users to find important moments hidden in their Facebook albums.

Rob Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak Moments said, “While our competitors simply expand their product range, we see an opportunity to create a more effortless and rewarding user experience. Everything we are building is in service of reducing the distance between capturing a moment and printing it. The Moments Assistant™ and Made For You™ features access your camera roll to suggest moments we may have forgotten. With as few as three touches on your phone, you’re able to place those moments into beautiful photo products to share with your friends, family or yourself.”

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