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Kodak launches KODAKIT photo solution

January 10, 2017

A new photography service for business has been launched by KODAKIT.kodakextColor

 A press release announced the release of a Global On-Demand Photography Service for Businesses, which is available in 37 countries and 92 cities. The solution manages all “operations and logistics end-to-end” and offers “connections to […] global brands” which eliminates the need for all the in between parties. Businesses indicate when and where they want to do a photoshoot and then KODAKIT does the rest and delivers the images in a private cloud.

The press release said that “according to research from MDG Advertising, companies with compelling, professional photography see their business soar”. The solution not only helps companies but also makes it easier and more profitable for photographers providing a “steady flow assignments”.

Eric Yves Mahe, Chief Executive Officer of KODAKIT, said: “Companies understand the power and benefits of high quality photography. Consistent high-quality images are vitally important for brands, especially when selling products and services online. Yet this has been a time-consuming challenge for companies to manage, especially across borders of currency and language.

“Similarly, for photographers, global brands generate a lot of work, but it’s hard for individual photographers to connect with them and find a platform that manages all aspects of their operations. We saw a need for an all-encompassing service, especially in the travel, food, and real estate markets that rely on high-quality digital images to drive their business goals.

“We’ve been able to incubate and innovate within Kodak and are excited to launch KODAKIT as a central hub for photographers and businesses worldwide.”

Jeff Clarke, CEO at Kodak, said: “KODAKIT has boiled down a complicated process into a user-friendly platform that addresses a huge and growing need in the market. Kodak Founder George Eastman once said, ‘You press the button, we do the rest.’ For photographers and companies, KODAKIT operates on this same principle.

“Building upon our longstanding legacy as one of the most trusted names in film and photography, KODAKIT will revolutionise how photographers and businesses work together, creating the photography ecosystem of the future.”

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