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Kodak attends International Anticounterfeiting Coalition conference

October 17, 2012

Annual autumn conference held at 17 to 19 October will see the OEM showcase its TRACELESS Color CIJ System.

Kodak is attending the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) annual autumn conference, held at the US Grant in San Diego. Running from 17 to 19 October, attendees will work on methodology to combat product counterfeiting and piracy, reports Product Design & Development.

The OEM will be showcasing a portfolio of brand protection solutions including “invisible product authentication, overt or visible artwork-based authentication, anti-diversion solutions and product serialisation with track and trace system capabilities”. In particular, it will be espousing its KODAK TRACELESS System, which implements invisible marks into black and colour inks. The TRACELESS Color CIJ System is also claimed to be able to be printed in-house using an end-of-line continuous inkjet printer, eliminating the requirement to add an additional printer unit.

Randy Young, Worldwide Director of Packaging & Brand Management Services, Kodak, commented: “Counterfeiting and related criminal activities pose a major risk to the health and safety of consumers. Damages from these illicit activities can negatively impact multiple areas of a business including consumer safety, brand reputation and bottom-line profits.

“Kodak’s brand protection solutions source decades of expertise and experience. This enables us to develop technologies that meet current conditions and construct strategies that anticipate the next threat from a vastly sophisticated and rapidly evolving counterfeit and criminal market.”

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