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Kodak and Samsung partners in Europe

April 27, 2012

Samsung all-in-one printers to feature Kodak proprietary ink technology.

Printer manufacturers Kodak and Samsung have announced a “strategic alliance” with their consumer inkjet printers in Europe, as Samsung will now sell Samsung all-in-one inkjet printers which feature Kodak’s printer and proprietary ink technology.

Kodak’s Mark Kurz considered the partnership a natural extension of Kodak’s consumer inkjet business: “This announcement reflects both the strength of Kodak’s technology in the consumer inkjet market, and the progress we have made in building a competitive business.

“This is collaboration between two great brands. Samsung is able to leverage Kodak’s leading technology and imaging science to launch its inkjet printer business. And Kodak is able to further grow its business. It’s a win-win.”

Samsung’s Jurgen Kruger added: “Through this alliance, we believe that we can benefit from Kodak’s vast experience in inkjet technology. Now we can offer additional products in a segment below our laser printer line-up, where Samsung has not been present up to now.”

The amalgamated printers are currently available in Germany.

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