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Know what’s in the box

September 9, 2019

Effective Consumable Solutions (ECS) warns companies to consider the term ‘remanufacturer’ and the products provided by said companies and stresses the importance of knowing ‘what’s in the box’ when it comes to choosing a supplier, in particular where each of their products come from.

ECS has explained that there are a number of suppliers and so-called ‘remanufacturers’ who supply sub-standard products that do not actually go through a complete remanufacturing process, which should involve highly trained engineers cleaning, refilling with toner and replacing any damaged or non-working parts of a cartridge, followed by a range of tests to ensure the standard and function of the product meets industry regulations and demands.

Despite these processes being the ‘norm’ for any company considered to be a remanufacturer, a lot of products labelled as remanufactured do not go through this process. ECS therefore implies that questions should be asked regarding the origin and nature of the products that companies are receiving, In particular regarding where their products were made, who by, and what the remanufacturing process was. If these questions cannot be answered, the Remanufacturer of the Year suggests finding a distributor who can.

Director Chris Fink spoke regarding the products produced by sub-standard ‘remanufacturers’: “Poor quality prints, damaged copiers, void warranty’s and a negative impact on the environment are all things you can expect from a remanufactured cartridge that isn’t on par with industry standards, not to mention the fact that your customers aren’t likely to be customers for much longer. It’s important that you know exactly what you’re getting each time you spend your money on a product. Communicating with your current distributor and asking questions to ensure that they have the correct certifications, accreditations and qualifications should be a priority.”   

In order to avoid these issues, the Remanufacturer of the Year suggests using remanufactured products from a reputable source and buying on value rather than price. ECS also suggested that products that are not ISO certified should be avoided at all costs. ISO certification ensures that the products meet specific industry standards as well as processes to continuously improve and reduce any products that don’t meet these criteria.

Speaking on behalf of their own remanufactured products, Operations Director Adam Lighton said: “ECS products are rigorously trialled and tested before being placed onto the market, while each batch of toner that we use is also tested under different temperatures and atmospheric conditions before we fill each cartridge at our own ISO 9001 standard filling plants. Our Partners also know that their products are produced and made by us right here in the UK – they’re also able to visit us and take a look at our remanufacturing process with their own eyes.”

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