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KMP responds to firmware update

September 29, 2016

kmp_with-slogan-and-surface_1cThe company has stated that its customers will be “delivered goods with fully-functional chips”.

The Recycler first reported on the firmware update two weeks ago, and reported further complaints from the industry and consumers, with the OEM’s EU helpdesk claiming that it was “working on a solution” last week. The OEM told The Recycler at the start of last week that the printers affected “will continue to work with refilled or remanufactured cartridges with an Original HP security chip”, but has now apologised and announced an update to reverse the firmware change.

KMP, in a mailing to customers, stated that “lately, HP inkjet printers didn’t recognise some alternative cartridges after a firmware update”, with KMP having “immediately checked the concerned cartridge types”. These included the 1902 and 1903, which replaced the HP 970 and 971 plus XL models, KMP stating that these “still work perfectly after the update”, as well as the chips on the 1722, and 1723, replacing the 950 and 951 plus XL models, which “required some modification”.

It stated that “as from this week”, customers will be “delivered goods with fully-functional chips”, and asked customers to “please contact us in case you still have goods from earlier deliveries on stock”. It also noted that “unlike some competitors, KMP uses new chips to enable the fill-level control of the printer and thus provides the same function as the original”.

It concludes by noting that “should a cartridge not quite work like expected: call us”, as “our service hotline will be ready to help you with technical questions [regarding] our products and in case of warranty claims”.

Other aftermarket companies have responded to the update by noting their products still work after the update, including Static Control, 3T Supplies’ Peach division, Armor, LD Products, Pelikan and Cartridge People.

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