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KMP products receive Consumer Quality Award in Turkey

March 26, 2013

KMP distributor Metin Ekmekci accepting the award in Istanbul (web)

KMP distributor Metin Ekmekci accepting the award in Istanbul

Printer supplies manufacturer announces it was awarded the prize in Istanbul on 15 March.

Germany-based KMP has announced that it has won a Consumer Quality Award for its products in Turkey, with the award honouring the economic relations between Turkish and foreign companies. KMP’s products will be marked accordingly in the country, which the company hopes will be an important factor when Turkish consumers are choosing between brands to buy.

KMP’s distributor for Turkey, MT Print, represented by Mr Metin Ekmekci, received the award as part of the World Quality Summit in Istanbul on the 26th anniversary of the Turkish organisation for consumer interests, Uluslararas Tüketici ve.

Uluslararas Tüketici ve represents the consumers‘ interests in Turkey and is composed of independent experts in consumer protection and international trade. The organization is publicly funded and products which have received awards from the organization are said to be held in high regard in Turkey.

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