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KMP launches wide range of remanufactured cartridges

January 7, 2016

The company has launched remanufactured consumables for Brother, Samsung, Epson, HP and Canon machines.kmpsamsungd304

The first launch is a remanufactured standard monochrome toner cartridge replacing Brother’s TN6300, “supplementing the high capacity version and the drum unit”, with “cost savings of up to 71 percent per printed page compared to the original” and a yield of 3,000 pages. The company also released a replacement high-capacity toner cartridge for the TN6600, with a yield of 6,000 pages, and a replacement drum for the DR6000 original.

The second launch, and first of three Samsung releases, is a remanufactured MLT-D304S/ELS monochrome toner cartridge, with KMP stating that it is 43 percent “more cost-effective than the original” as well as being MPS ready with a yield of 7,000 pages. The cartridge is used in the ProXpress M 4530ND, 4530NX and 4583FX machines.

KMP’s second launch for Samsung meanwhile is a standard and high-capacity remanufactured monochrome toner cartridge replacing the MLT-D103S/ELS, with both cartridges MPS ready and featuring respective yields of 1,500 and 2,900 pages, and able to be used in a range of ML and SCX printers. Its final Samsung launch is again standard and high-capacity remanufactured monochrome toner cartridges, this time replacing the MLTD111SL/E/ELS and for a wide range of Xpress M printers.

The company’s only Epson launch meanwhile is remanufactured cartridges to replace the 26 and 26XL originals, including standard capacity blacks and colours, a multipack and a black double-pack. The black and colours have yields of 240 and 330 pages, while the photo black has a yield of 400 pages, and the cartridges work in a range of the Expression Premium XP machines.

KMP’s first of two HP launches meanwhile is a remanufactured black inkjet cartridge replacing the 920 original, featuring a yield of 420 pages and designed for use in the OfficeJet range of machines. The second launch is remanufactured black and colour inkjet cartridges to replace the 21 and 22 originals, with the cartridges used across the DeskJet, OfficeJet and PSC ranges.

Finally, there are two launches for Canon, with the first a range of remanufactured inkjet replacements for Canon’s PGI1500XL originals, including single cartridges and a multipack containing all four cartridges. The yields for the black and colours are respectively 1,200 and 1,020 pages, and the cartridges are used in the Maxify MB 2000, 2050, 2300 and 2350 printers.

The second launch is remanufactured inkjets replacing the PGI2500XL range, including single cartridges and a multipack alongside a double black pack. The black and colours feature respective yields of 2,500 and 1,755 pages, and the cartridges are used in the Maxify MB 5050, 5300, 5350, iB 4000, 4050 and 5000 printer ranges.

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