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KMP latest company to warn about firmware updates

June 14, 2019

In a post on its website, the German remanufacturer explains to its customers of the various models affected and how to downgrade the firmware.

The company stated: “We recommend that all our customers switch off automatic printer updates in the operating system of their PCs. This way, they prevent manufacturers from being able to obstruct the functioning of their printers.

“Whether or not a manufacturer is able to block use of third-party cartridges in your printer or not depends on its date of production, so not all printers are affected by this firmware update to the same extent. The following models have all been known to display error messages – if you know about other models, we can check them directly.”

Models named by KMP include HP Officejet 6950 All-in-One, Officejet Pro 6960 All-in-One/6970 All-in-One for which the company says it has already modified its chips so that all cartridges currently being delivered will function flawlessly.

Also affected models are HP Officejet Pro 7720/7730/7740/8210/8218/8710/8715/8720/8725/8730/8740, HP Officejet Pro 7720/7730/7740/8210/8218/8720/8725/8728/8730/8740, HP Pagewide 352dw/352dn/377dw/377dn, Pagewide Pro 452dw/452dwt/452dn/477dw/477dwt/477dn and HP Pagewide Enterprise Colour 556dn/556xh, Pagewide Enterprise Colour MFP586dn/MFP586f for which KMP says the chip manufacturer has announced a replacement for the cartridges used in these printers.

According to KMP, some users report that they have rectified the error themselves by switching to their previous driver version.

KMP is the latest company joining other aftermarket companies who spoke out and warned consumers of a new firmware update rolled out on various HP OfficeJet printer models, which is blocking non-OEM cartridges.

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