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KMP attends International Stationery & Office trade fair

March 15, 2012

Manufacturer to exhibit in Istanbul for the first time.

Germany ink cartridge and toner manufacturer KMP is exhibiting at the International Stationery & Office fair in Istanbul for the first time, reports Visions & Trends.

KMP representative Adelina Portela commented to the office products website that they intend to expand their sales globally and “have so far had good response from quality visitors from countries such as Iraq that [they] do not necessarily meet at other European fairs”.

KMP are promoting a new range of ink and toner at the trade fair in conjunction with Metin Ekmekci, a distributor based in Turkey. The company was not available to comment at the time of publication.

The Intentional Stationery & Office Fair is taking place at the MT Print Teknoloji from 14 to 18 March.

KMP recently concluded exhibiting at Remanexpo Frankfurt 2012, with Karl Kallinger, Member of the Board, stating: “We welcomed significantly more customers than last year, especially customers from outside Germany. East Europe and Southern Europe were particularly well represented.

“The [economic] crisis has not even been mentioned and the focus is on business […] Every sector needs its leading trade fair and, for us, it is undoubtedly Paperworld!”

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