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KMP announces Chinese investment

August 8, 2018

The German company has revealed that KMP shareholders have acquired a 49 percent ownership stake in Shenzhen Tec-Motion Technology Co., LTD.

According to KMP, the Chinese company develops and produces electronic fittings for many fields of application, including power adapters for mobile devices and fitness equipment as well as sensors for health and environment monitoring.

KMP explains that it will integrate part of Tec-Motion’s products into its own range of goods and have them manufacture articles developed by KMP as well.

Tec-Motion started its business in 2015. 

KMP says it will distribute Tec-Motion’s private label products in Europe and offer high-quality customer service for them. At the IFA trade fair in Berlin, taking place from 31 August – 5 September 2018, KMP states, both companies will present their consolidated expertise to the general public. 

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