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Kleen Strike responds to Lexmark

January 25, 2016

Laura Heywood

Laura Heywood

The UK remanufacturer and UKCRA member noted that it was “heartening and encouraging” to see Lexmark’s support for reuse, recycling and remanufacturing of printer cartridges.

Lexmark last week demanded improved cartridge reuse and remanufacturing across the European Union (EU), stating that it wants the EU to boost take-back, increase remanufactured component use in cartridges, and promote remanufacturing through user labelling. In response, Kleen Strike’s Managing Director Laura Heywood, also Correspondence Secretary of UKCRA, commented on the OEM’s statements.

Heywood remarked that it is “heartening and encouraging that a number of OEMs are embracing the concept of reuse rather than recycling”, and said Kleen Strike “applauds” Lexmark’s pledge to reuse 50 percent of returned cartridges. Adding that “any publicity for promoting cartridge reuse/remanufacturing over recycling is a good thing”, she points out that the move “will certainly bring awareness that once a cartridge is used it is still a valuable resource and is important in contributing towards a more circular economy”.

She also stated: “UKCRA members have had schemes in place for many years for collecting their own remanufactured cartridges as well as any others that can be successfully reused. Many internal components are well-constructed and are able to go through several reuse cycles, so it is important to make provision for their return through free collections.”

UKCRA had previously submitted a 55-page ‘Position Paper’ to the EU Public Consultation on the Circular Economy, Heywood points out, and “welcome[s] the opportunity to encourage the EU to support the remanufacturing industry by addressing the huge environmental and economic potential that cartridge reuse/remanufacturing offers – as well as identify areas where further EU regulation or incentives are needed to enable cartridge remanufacturing to play its full role and potential in the circular economy”.

She concluded that “it is by taking a positive approach to remanufacturing and the feed stocks on which it is based that a more appropriate and fitting policy framework can be created – and Lexmark’s demand for improved cartridge reuse and remanufacturing is a step in the right direction”.

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