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Kleen Strike moves premises

January 22, 2013

Laura Heywood explains why Kleen Strike has recently moved location.

UK remanufacturer Kleen Strike has changed premises after 27 years of operating in the same place, with Laura Heywood, Managing Director of the company, speaking to The Recycler about the reasons behind the move.

For over a quarter of a century, Kleen Strike had been a tenant in an ex-cotton mill, which Heywood explains was once the largest in the world, employing around 3,000 people and producing over 600,000 Ibs of cotton per week. The last few decades saw the premises being rented out to a number of different businesses, with Kleen Strike being one of them. “But in the last three years, leases were up and not renewed, we were informed the estate was to be demolished,” Heywood stated.

With two years notice that the business would need to move, Heywood describes the emotions that were present in all of Kleenstrike’s staff: “It wasn’t easy knowing you would need to move. You had a lot of mixed emotions – we were happy there and the daunting task of moving was incomprehensible. We didn’t know where to begin to look for new premises, and being so long in one place – would our customers follow us?”

However, Alistair Barker, Director of Kleen Strike, explained that the company were able to find a suitable place: “We actively started searching for premises last year and through a stroke of luck the ideal place almost found us. The driver of the courier company we use knew we were looking for new premises and happened to mention a building that was going vacant close to Rochdale Town Centre right off a main road and on the edge of an active trading area.”

The company has now been in its new premises for four weeks, with Heywood saying that they are beginning to settle: “It’s almost like starting over – with familiar things around you but at the same time it’s so different. Our customers and delivery couriers are finding us and we are very positive that this will be good for us. In a way it’s very exciting, but at the same time there’s also a bit of sadness and nostalgia about the old place.

“Looking around the old premises now, it’s looking very sad and empty where for so long it had been our home – all those memories of how we had developed through the years.  What a journey it had been.”

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