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Keypoint Intelligence announces a new vertical industry study

June 18, 2020

The market intelligence company announced the launch of a new study entitled US Vertical Vision: An Analysis of Business Print Demand by Vertical Industry.

Keypoint Intelligence’s study will provide the printing industry with a better understanding of how the demand for printed products and communication services has changed since 2019 and how this will evolve through 2020.

“When it comes to the challenges that the printing industry faces, responding to the realities of 2020 sits at the top of the list,” stated German Sacristan, Director of On Demand Services at Keypoint Intelligence. “Printers must understand how specific vertical industries will react to today’s unique marketing and communication challenges, and how this will impact demand for various applications in order to develop effective strategies going forward.”

Through this research, Keypoint Intelligence will provide insights for equipment manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and print service providers. This comprehensive vertical market research study will offer the benefits for equipment Manufacturers and ISVs, who will gain insights on specific products and feature sets that will meet business demand for print, enable sales channels with messaging and product positioning strategies with vertical industry insights, as well as capture vertical information to drive sales and marketing tools to support customers and prospects.

Print Service Providers will be able to understand the transitions that are happening within specific vertical markets and application areas, improve the ability to deploy resources and strategies to drive print volume and deliver value-added services and develop applications/products, promotions, and marketing/sales strategies based on key industry insight.

Participation methodology will include a web-based survey of 1,000 mid-sized and large enterprises with a target sample encompassing education, finance and banking, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, insurance, manufacturing, and retail. Respondents’ responsibilities will involve overseeing or being engaged with the creation of one or more of the following types of documents: marketing collateral, direct mail, newsletters, flyers, catalogues, presentations, product specification collateral, trade show materials, signage, sales collateral, sales proposals, or promotional items (e.g., hats, t-shirts).

Companies that subscribe by 23 June 2020 are eligible to provide feedback to help develop the survey questions.

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