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Kenyan authorities confiscate 10,000 counterfeit HP components

July 29, 2014

The components were intended for manufacturing counterfeit printer cartridges, alongside fake labels and packaging.Seized laser carts 5

The OEM announced that Kenyan officials had “successfully intercept[ed]” the counterfeit components in Nairobi earlier this year from a distributor’s premises, alongside over 200 counterfeit power adaptors and other peripherals. The 10,000 components were “intended for manufacturing” counterfeit cartridges, and fake security labels and packaging were also seized.

HP noted that its Anti-counterfeiting programme (ACF) had seen product experts pass on an “initial lead” about the distributor’s involvement in counterfeiting to officials, with legal proceedings “underway” in an attempt to send a “clear message to all others who may be tempted to deal with counterfeits”.

The Recycler reported earlier this month on the OEM’s efforts to stop counterfeiting in Tanzania, and HP also reported “further triumphs” against counterfeited cartridges in Ethiopia and South Africa, which resulted in nearly 25,000 cartridge and computer counterfeits being seized by authorities. It added that since 2009 it has conducted 1,600 investigations resulting in 1,300 raids or seizures, whilst 11 million counterfeit units have been seized before sale.

Additionally, 4,000 unannounced inspections of HP products “at the warehouses of HP channel partners” in the EMEA region since 2009 have been undertaken, with the OEM aiming to “verify that they are not selling counterfeit products to their customers”. HP continues to “actively educate its customers and partners to be vigilant against fake printing supplies”, and is maintaining the operations in Africa it has carried out until this point.

Jeffrey Kwasny, HP’s Brand Protection Programme Manager, commented: “Counterfeiters are targeting unwitting consumers in Africa and this success once again shows how important it is to protect our customers in this region. HP continues to support the great work of local authorities, and we appreciate all that the Kenyan officials have done to protect consumers against the deceitful and illegal actions of counterfeiters.”

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