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Kelley Connect waives implementation fees

March 27, 2020

In these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing to switch from office based working to home based working bringing many challenges for companies big and small.

Kelley Connect has announced it is waiving implementation fees for new Fully Managed IT support contracts.

Kelley Connect said: “Many of our clients have recently expressed to us that current circumstances exposed significant IT challenges within their organisations. Many internal IT resources and outsourced IT providers are inundated with requests for remote access setups, business continuity plans, and more, and they don’t have the bandwidth to keep pace. We want you to know that, at Kelley Connect, our Managed IT team is fully staffed at scale, operational, and ready to assist.”

In support of its community during this unprecedented time, the company is waiving all implementation fees for Fully Managed IT support contracts signed between now and 30 April and on-boarded prior to 1 June.

Kelley Connect service offering includes:

  • Unlimited Help Desk and On-Site Remediation – live-answer help desk
  • LogMeIn Pro – provides remote access to PCs on the corporate network
  • Hosted (Cloud-Based) Servers – can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Office 365 with Teams – facilitates collaboration via chat, video conferencing, screen-sharing, and more
  • Enterprise-Grade Firewall with VPN – allows direct access to an on-premise server from anywhere
  • Enhanced Security Services – dark web monitoring, enhanced spam filtering, cloud-based security, and more
  • As part of its consultative process, users will be introduced to one of its Virtual CIOs who will recommend the appropriate service(s) for their organisation and ensure that their technology plan is aligned with their broader organisational goals. This process, including a network discovery, can be completed entirely via video conference to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Kelley Connect concluded: “If IT support is a current challenge or priority for you, I ask for a 15-minute call to introduce Kelley Connect IT and discuss how our Fully Managed platform can positively impact your organisation. We look forward to speaking with you!”

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