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Katuns’s KDFM monitor for MPS

September 12, 2017

This remote device management tool offers businesses a number of benefits that cut costs and saves time.

Katun’s KDFM monitor is a device that works remotely and requires no hardware installation, enabling businesses to automate their supplies and service management, removing the need for time-consuming tasks such as calling customers for meter readings.

The monitor’s functions include collecting meter readings from all networked device fleets, generating reports for billing, predicting the number of days until toner depletion, and giving you access to a “powerful smart alerts system”.

It is also designed to improve customer loyalty by ensuring a business’s devices run smoothly and detecting new connected devices “to offer consumables on top of the cost-per-page devices.”

As a result, the KDFM monitor will increase daily productivity and will enable businesses to offer “more tailor-made solutions to replace the competitor’s devices.”

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