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Katun’s R&D: Behind the scenes

March 20, 2018


The supplier has released a new video on Youtube which offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s lab and its rigorous R&D processes.

Beneath the video, the Corporation explained:

“Developed and tested in our practical applications laboratory, virtually every Katun product must demonstrate excellent in-machine performance before it is introduced. We maintain over 550 copiers, facsimiles, printers and multifunctional devices to conduct our tests, and our entire testing area is constantly maintained at a “normal” operating environment for office equipment: 70° F (21 C°) ± 2°, and 50 percent relative humidity (50% RH) ± 5%.

In addition to the new and older-generation machines in which we conduct performance and life testing, trained technical specialists operate high technology instrumentation to analyse critical materials properties and corresponding performance characteristics of both Katun and competitive products. Many of these sensitive instruments are operated in a Class M6.5 Clean Room for measurement integrity and precision.”

In the video itself, Katun’s Vice President of New Product Development, Jean Guay, explains that the lab runs nearly 1,000 tests a year using “complex, high-technology evaluation equipment” which has been specially designed for the industry.

Next, Robert Moore, the Corporation’s President and CEO, revealed that the analytical equipment can analyse particle size and shape, and profile the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the company’s different products.

Guay went on to say that the Katun lab has three different environmental chambers for printers and copiers, which Moore explained was important as customers in different altitudes and climates should be able to expect the same OEM-level quality of performance from their product.

Finally, Lab Manager Robert Wuollet described the testing process in more detail, explaining how Katun ensures its products are up to OEM standard in terms of print quality.

Moore concluded the 2:55-minute video by saying that the whole R&D process of the company was about “ensuring quality and co-developing products” which offer reliability for customers.  

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