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Katun unveils new services

July 23, 2018

Katun Corporation has recently introduced several new services, which it says enable office equipment dealers to streamline their operations while increasing efficiency and profitability.

Katun’s newly introduced CTS Professional Services and Support offers training seminars, technical workshops, roadshows, sales seminars and MPS training that cover a broad range of topics and objectives, including machine maintenance, product rebuilding, refurbishment, operations, and more.

Katun asserts that its OEM-trained CTS (Customer Technical Services) managers “bring a wealth of knowledge and decades of expertise to your dealership, to your customers’ locations, or over the phone.”

Katun is also launching a new Katun Dealer Fleet Management product known as KDFM eXplorer.

KDFM eXplorer is described by Katun as “a secure way to make data always interactive using a multi-platform device collecting agent, either embedded on the device or running within the operating system”. eXplorer includes full access to HP Smart Device Services, powered by MPS Monitor, to help technical staff in online diagnosis and device maintenance.

Katun reveals it has also expanded direct-to-end-user delivery options, including Katun’s Automated Toner Fulfilment program, which enables dealers to reduce their inventory and related costs by having Katun products delivered directly to customers.

Hardware has become an increasingly important part of Katun’s product portfolio, as Katun Certified remanufactured HP printers are now available via Katun’s online catalogue ( and through the Katun Marketplace at

The company says that Katun Marketplace “also offers imaging professionals the opportunity to buy and sell imaging equipment and to connect with office equipment dealers and distributors throughout Europe.”

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