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Katun receives STMC certification

May 8, 2020

The company has been showcasing its latest certification, which it received from the I-ITC.

Katun says it actively develops and co-develops its products with an extensive network of the world’s finest manufacturers, and rigorously test them in all their intended applications.

Its state-of-the-art research and development facility in Minneapolis is the heart and soul of Katun’s product development process. Katun strictly enforce adherence to sophisticated quality standards and development processes that it has developed and mastered over the decades, thereby ensuring that it maintain the highest quality levels possible.

The Standardised Test Methods Committee (STMC) was founded in 1998. This global committee formed to find and promote standardised test methods for the printer cartridge industry. The test methods are used to evaluate printer cartridge performance. Standardised test methods make it possible to evaluate a cartridge anywhere and come up with the same test results no matter who tests it. Standardised tests do not specify how a cartridge must perform; they only measure it. STMC uses certain ASTM, ANSI and ISTA test methods, to test for cartridge yield and image quality. Many government contracts will only be awarded to STMC certified companies.

The International Imaging Technology Council represents the interests of the imaging supplies industry, including office-machine retail and repair, office-supply retail, computer retail, repair and networking companies, and all related industry suppliers. It also administers the STMC quality initiative that assures consumers that cartridges have been tested according to the industry’s highest standards.

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