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Katun employees support Bridging charity

June 20, 2018

The company’s staff have been taking part in an initiative with the Bloomington-based organisation, as publicised in a new video.

According to the video, Bridging is a Minnesota charity which was founded in 1987, and hich every year serves 14,000 individuals in need, with 11 semi-truck loads of furniture and household items being distributed to around 80 families every single week.

In the video, Katun Corporation’s Benefits Specialist Ellen Beulen describes how groups of fifteen volunteers from the company’s workforce give their time to assist in the Bridging warehouse, helping out with a “wide variety” of tasks – “anything from unloading a truck, to folding and sorting blankets.”

“The Katun employees feel very honoured to be part of the Bridging programme,” explains Beulen. “We all have very busy lives but it’s such a great group here at Katun, everybody wants to help some way, some sort, do some sort of volunteerism in their community. We’re a vast group of employees that come from all parts of the cities, but yet we can give to our local community, here where we work.”

Beulen calls the volunteering scheme “very important,” and adds that from Katun’s perspective, “it’s just a great teambuild event.”

The company adds: “Katun is very proud of our employees, who have donated supplies and volunteered their time to support this amazing and worthwhile organisation.”

You can view the video for yourself, above.

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