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ITDL to expand production capacity

May 29, 2014

New toner manufacturing plant to be located in Sitargunj, Uttarakhand to meet increasing demand from customers.

The new plant is to be located in Sitaranj, Uttarakhand.

The new plant is to be located in Sitaranj, Uttarakhand.

Toner manufacturer Indian Toners and Developers Ltd. (ITDL) has announced that it will open a new plant at the start of next year as the company looks to expand to meet the growing demand of its customers both in India and overseas.

The plant, which is of German origin, will be located at the company’s subsidiary ITDL Imagetec Ltd’s facility in Sitargunj, Uttarakhand in northern India. Together with ITDL’s existing facility in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh it will take ITDL’s total production capacity to 3,000 metric tons of toner per year; with the new plant set to have a production capacity of 600 tons per year. The expansion will also mean that ITDL Imagetec Ltd’s capacity will increase from 1,200 tons to 1,800 tons per annum.

Both mono and dual component mechanically-produced toners will be manufactured at the plant, and the expansion is expected to open up further employment opportunities in the company; which Akshat Jain, Director of ITDL, said “will positively contribute towards enhancing the employment rate of the respective state the plant is in”.

He added: “This indicates the progress the company has made. We expect the number of employees in the production facility at Sitargunj to increase significantly.”

While Jain explained that the new plant will be “more or less the same as the previous plants installed at ITDL in terms of capacity and functionality”, he said that it will also utilise “upgraded technology to enable the manufacturer to further control aspects, such as particle size distribution (PSD)”.

The commissioning of the new manufacturing plant is expected to be completed by December 2014, with operation estimated to begin by February 2015.

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