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Issue 318 now available to read online

May 14, 2019

The 318th issue of The Recycler is now available to read online, packed with the latest industry news, innovations and tips.

With a significant part of any business’s success depending on the quality of its employees, it is crucial that company owners hire the right people. But in a niche market like the remanufacturing industry, this can be difficult. The Recycler’s Amy van de Casteele takes a look at recruitment models in the industry and finds some helpful tips on recruiting for your remanufacturing business, including expert advice from some prominent figures in the industry.

Read the full featured article in this Issue!

Also in the magazine this month, readers will discover more breaking news from around the industry, including the Markman Order in the USITC case, The show review of the 2019 Edition of Remanexpo Middle East and exciting news about growing HCP shipments in Africa and Middle Eastern markets.

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