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Issue 317 now available to read online!

April 15, 2019

The 317th issue of The Recycler is now available to read online, packed with the latest industry news, innovations and tips.

In this issue of The Recycler, our main feature hones in on government tenders, explaining what they are and the benefits and disadvantages for businesses. The magazine also takes a special look at Romania, examining its recent economic blossoming and the challenges that still face the country as it looks toward the future.

Also in the magazine this month, readers will discover more breaking news from around the industry, including the EU’s reinforced pollutant rules, counterfeit cartridges seized in the UAE, and the latest twists to Canon’s legal tale.

As always, you will also find updates on the latest mergers, tariff exclusions, certifications and appointments.

In addition, this issue contains our dedicated Wide Format and Retail columns, as well as the most recent industry innovations and new product releases.

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