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Issue 316 available online now!

March 18, 2019

The 316th issue of The Recycler is now available online, packed with the latest industry news, innovations and tips.

In this issue, our top story is Remanexpo 2019, the importance of the event to companies in the industry, the various glowing accolades handed out during proceedings, and the challenges which could be awaiting the remanufacturing industry in the future – particularly in the wake of Brexit.

Also in this issue, Static Control’s CEO Ken Lalley speaks out on DecaBDE, the laws which govern its usage, and the steps the company has taken to ensure all of its products are free of the chemical.

Meanwhile, Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd has issued a statement warning of fraudulent Amazon sellers, IMEX welcomes a new member to the team, ARMOR reveals some positive updates, and Delacamp has been marking 140 years in business.

As always, you will also find all of the freshest business news and product releases, in addition to the formation of new partnerships, the latest legal dramas, and our dedicated Wide Format and Retail columns.

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